Which Crypto to buy?

Get a diversified crypto portfolio that fits your investment strategy today. We create the right crypto portfolio for every budget. Save yourself time and don’t do endless market research or market analysis. We do the research for you for only a minimal commission!

Which Crypto to buy
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Do you want to start with crypto investments, but don’t know how? Then you have come to the right place at Miners Netherlands. With us you do not have to think about which crypto to buy, because Miners Netherlands offers ready-made portfolios. You choose how much you want to invest and we take care of the rest.

The expertise of Miners Europe


We analyze market trends on a daily basis. Make use of our many years of knowledge and expertise.

Professional support

Whatever your question, we are ready to help you. Trust the expertise of Miners Europe.

Low fee

We charge only a small commission to put together a diversified crypto portfolio for you.

Which crypto to buy in 2023?

The crypto market is in constant motion. Which crypto is interesting to buy varies greatly in the ever-fluctuating crypto market. Although there are many stable cryptocurrencies that are very likely to generate returns, we take it a step further. We’re not just looking at good long-term investments, we’re also looking at what’s a strong investment right now. For every crypto portfolio that we put together, we first do a market analysis. This way you are assured that you get the most favorable prices.


Our Crypto Wallets

Choose from one of our themed wallets or contact contact us for a custom wallet.

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Financial Disclaimer

Miners Europe is not a financial advisor. Miners Europe employs several crypto experts who have used their years of knowledge and experience to put together various wallets. With our special investment formulas, we build a diversified portfolio and spread the risks as safely as possible. As with all investments, our crypto wallets also involve risks.