NFT Wallet 2022

For the NFT Wallet 2022 we buy crypto coins that are connected to NFT projects or are part of the Metaverse. You do not need knowledge of the different crypto coins, because we build a diversified portfolio for you with our special investment formula.


The NFT Wallet 2022 contains 5 surprise coins.


Kind of Wallet for the NFT Wallet

For the NFT Wallet you can choose from two types of wallets, namely a hardware wallet or an online wallet. You will receive the hardware wallet physically and it will contain your crypto coins. You will receive a Nano Ledger S Plus including all your seed phrases along with the crypto coins. We will ship the Nano Ledger S Plus insured free of charge. This means that you do not run any risk in the unlikely event that something goes wrong with the shipment. It is also possible to pick up the Ledger. We can give a demonstration of the product, so that you can immediately see all the crypto coins on the ledger.

If you do not need a hardware wallet, you can also opt for an online wallet from Coinomi. We create the wallet for you, put the crypto coins in your wallet and then transfer the wallet to you.


Pay attention: After transferring the hardware or online wallet, Miners Nederland deletes all data, including passwords and seed phrases, within 48 hours. You are responsible for keeping your wallet safe and secure at all times. We do not keep a backup and we can no longer log in to the handed over wallets after transfer. At Miners Nederland we work according to the Dutch Personal Protection Act (Wbp).



Choose how much euros you want to invest in crypto. After you have purchased an NFT Wallet, Miners Nederland will buy the crypto for your wallet within 24 hours. You will receive a confirmation for this, so that you can see at all times that Miners Nederland has purchased crypto coins for the amount you have invested. Due to price fluctuations, the Starters Wallet may be worth more or less than the purchase amount at the time you receive the wallet.


Service fee

Miners Europe charges service costs for setting up the wallet and purchasing crypto coins for your portfolio. The service costs are added to the total price.

Amount for Wallet (€) Service charges (€)
100 – 499 39,95
500 – 999 59,95
1000 – 1999 89,95
2000 – 3499 119,95
3500 – 4999 179,95
5000 – 9999 239,95
10.000+ 399,95

Financial Disclaimer

Miners Europe is not a financial advisor. Miners Europe employs several crypto experts who have used their years of knowledge and experience to put together various wallets. With our special investment formulas, we build a diversified portfolio and spread the risks as safely as possible. As with all investments, our crypto wallets also involve risks.


Helium and MatchX Miners

Ordered by 3PMm. on weekdays, shipped the same day!

GPU and Custom Miners

2-3 weeks delivery time.

ASIC Miners

Please contact us for current delivery time.