MatchX introduces the MatchX NEO, the new multi-token miner that brings big innovations on a small scale.
The MatchX NEO is the new multi-token miner that expands the existing MatchX ecosystem by mining both MXC and DOGE.

Easy to use
The MatchX NEO uses the same simple and quick installation procedure that makes other MatchX products so easy to use. Plug in the miner, scan the QR code in the Datadash app and start mining. Installing a MatchX miner takes less than 5 minutes.

With a price just above €500, the MatchX NEO is one of the cheapest miners on the market. Together with the extremely low energy consumption, this makes the MatchX NEO one of the cheapest entry points into the world of crypto mining.

In addition to mining both MXC and DOGE, the MatchX NEO also provides access to the full potential of the Datadas staking ecosystem. With that you can use your mined tokens to get even higher rewards.

The perfect miner for starters and advanced users
These qualities make the MatchX NEO the perfect miner for those who want to start mining, those who are interested in participating in the MatchX ecosystem, and those who want to build on their MatchX participation.

The MatchX NEO does not compete with existing M2 Pro miners and can function optimally alongside them. Use the MatchX NEO to further expand your yields in areas already filled with M2 Pro miners.

Help to further expand the functionality of the MatchX IoT network
The MatchX NEO brings new possibilities to the MatchX IoT network. By using both 5G and LoRa network technologies to connect new sensors and devices to the network. The MatchX NEO also adds its own capability to the network to enable new certification services that can verify the authenticity of both physical and digital goods. From luxury products to NFT projects, these new features enable companies and private owners to verify the authenticity of their objects. By combining this increased connectivity with this certification service, the MatchX NEO brings the functionalities that enable a new generation of more precise Track&Trace like services.

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