Mine the famous HNT Helium coin
Convenient to install: online within 20 minutes!
Easy to monitor with Helium's mobile app

With a Helium Miner, you contribute to the Internet of Things (IoT) network which is being set up around the HNT coin (the coin directly linked to the Helium network). By contributing to the network and working with your fellow seminarians to achieve global coverage, millions of devices can distribute data. For joining this network you will be rewarded in Helium Coins!

Depending on how many fellow miners are around, the yield of coins you get changes. In Europe, between 4 and 235 HNT are mined per month. To see what miners are doing in your area, we recommend using Helium's Explorer: https://explorer.helium.com/

Helium and MatchX Miners

Ordered by 3PMm. on weekdays, shipped the same day!

GPU and Custom Miners

2-3 weeks delivery time.

ASIC Miners

Please contact us for current delivery time.