Are you looking for a powerful cryptominer? Then look no further. With a hashrate of 480 Mh/s, Cryptominer Goku is a real powerhouse among GPU Miners.


Additional Services:


Complete home installation

Don't know how cryptomining works? That's no problem, Miners Europe provides full home installation to connect, install and set up Cryptominer Goku to the most profitable mining pool. All you have to do is watch your e-wallet get filled.


Service & Maintenance

Your mineral is monitored daily by us and we can make adjustments remotely without you having to worry about it. Software update? Other coin mining? Cooler clocksetting in the heart of summer? We got you. For just 6.95 per month, we take care of everything for your cryptominer. Monthly cancellation.


Other benefits:

  • The Goku Cryptominer is a tremendously quiet miner, under 25dB of white noise. This is quieter than a small fan!
  • The Cryptominer Goku comes with mining software and is set to the most profitable mining pool.
  • Plug-and-play: this means you can use the mineral immediately upon receipt.
  • Optimal ratio of yield to power consumption.
  • This miner allows you to mine up to 46 different crypto coins.


Helium and MatchX Miners

Ordered by 3PMm. on weekdays, shipped the same day!

GPU and Custom Miners

2-3 weeks delivery time.

ASIC Miners

Please contact us for current delivery time.