ASRock BC-250 ASIC Miner

ASRock BC-250 ASIC Miner

ASIC Miners are built for cryptominers and are optimized to mine specific cryptocurrencies. This makes ASIC Miners more efficient and powerful than a GPU or FPGA Miner. The ASRock BC-250 Cryptominer is absolutely unique and uses no less than 12 AMD BC-250 processor chips.

Hashrate: 610 MH/s
12 x AMD BC-250 Mining APU’s
5x 80mm fans
2 power supplies of 1200W

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The ASRock BC-250 Mining Rig is the fastest non-custom cryptominer in our range. This ASIC miner is built with ultra-fast AMD BC-250 Mining APUs and uses no less than twelve processor chips. This setup is powerful enough to have a hashing power of 610 MH/s to get. In comparison, a GPU Mining Rig requires at least five NVIDIA RTX 3090 video cards to achieve the same mining performance. The ASRock BC-250 is faster than two Cryptominers Frieza side by side, making this powerhouse extremely efficient.


The cooling of this powerful tower is provided by five 80 x 38 mm fans that sit next to the twelve processor chips. The total power consumption of the ASRock BC-250 Mining Rig is 2400W and is supplied by two power supplies of 1200W each.


The ASRock BC-250 ASIC Miner mined Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Ergo, Ravencoin and Vertcoin.

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