Payment & Payment Options


What are the payment options at the Miners Europe webshop?

Miners Europe accepts iDeal and Bancontact payments. It is also possible to pay with us with various crypto currencies, including Bitcoin, Shiba Inu, Ethereum and USDT. It is also possible to pay at our office and the purchased products can be taken immediately.

We do not use Credit Card or PayPal, because these payment providers guarantee the customer a warranty period that does not correspond to the value of our products. For example: In a warranty period of 180 days you can currently mine €1800 worth of MatchX coins via MatchX and then return the product. Then we would receive a second-hand product that we can no longer sell to another customer. Subsequently, the customer of the returned product could decide to try one of our other miners and also return it after 180 days. We want to prevent this kind of abuse preventively.