Frequently Asked Questions

How can I make money with cryptominers?

A cryptominer sends data or processes transactions. An (annual) fee is paid for sending that valuable data and for executing those transactions. You thereby strengthen the network of the cryptocurrency of your choice and the relevant system rewards you for this.


If cryptomining is profitable, why isn’t everyone doing it?

Passive income is not for people with a fixed mindset. There are risks associated with crypto and crypto mining. Just as investing can be profitable for people with the right knowledge, this is not something everyone does.


What are the risks of crypto mining?

Cryptocurrency can cause the value of a coin to drop. That is why it is important to not only look at the best return on investment, but also at the project behind the coin, the price of that coin and the crypto market. You don’t do cryptomining because you want to earn a lot of money quickly, but to create an extra source of income for the long term.


How do I know which cryptominer suits me best?

There are several ways to find out which cryptominer is best for you:


You can read up on the various cryptominers via our webshop and you can calculate the profit per miner yourself via our clear yield modules.


Or plan your visit to our showroom at Proostwetering 41 in Utrecht. Here, our specialists will talk to you extensively to discuss which cryptominer best suits your needs.

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Is it complicated to install a MatchX, Helium or PlanetWatch miner?

The installation of the above cryptominers is quite simple. The miners come with instructions. You install an app, go through the registration and within 5 to 15 minutes the miners are online. Then the mining can begin!

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